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”- Emmett always bringing a big grin to your face.- “Emmett! ”- Emmett teasing you in more than one way.- Lot’s and lot’s of PDA.- Hot, long and lustful make out sessions.- Your small hand fitting in his perfectly.- Emmett hugging you from behind.- Lot’s of horsing around.- You teasing Emmett for being a giant.- Arm wrestling matches, which Emmett let’s you win.- Emmett treating you like a queen.- Immediately being protected by the Cullen family.- Being covered in hickeys.

(Unless you’re a vampire, too).- Emmett being gentle with you.- Emmett winking at you.- Jealous Emmett.- Jealous you.- When you cry, Emmett immediately tries pulling out jokes, but when that doesn’t work; protective Emmett comes out.- “Who’s ass do I have to kick?

Ever wonder why Rosalie and Edward are so cold towards one another? Renesmee grows up thinking that both parents are alive and her uncle hates her. But when new student Jasper comes, and Alice meets Bella something different sparks inside of Alice. Will Nessie be responsible and how will Emmett react? A cute and funny story of how Emmett and Rosalie grew up together.

Their story from the start; in keeping with the books, but based on the idea that they're both masterful liars. What happens when she meets a certain wolf and everything starts to unravel? But is that what stopped her talking in the first place? Kind of a breaking dawn for Rose but at the same time very different. So the Lion fell in love with the Lamb, but what if the Wolf fell in love with with the Lioness? The Mc Carty clan was known as a wild bunch in the hills of Anderson County, Tennessee. How their relationship changes over the years and becomes what we know it to be now.

Instead of Jacob being at his place though, I played it out a bit as he had to stay with Carlisle's family for a bit so they could keep a close eye on him and make sure he was healing properly.Emmett is dating Jake, who is Bella's step-brother and lives with his dad, Charlie (who is married to his dad) and Bella. Bella is dating Jessica, who used to date Edward before she realized how much of a creep he is.Carlisle, Jasper and children live in a house in Forks, and Esme rents the apartment above Billy's restaurant.Everyone dreams of a perfect romance, but what should you do when it becomes a violent and terrifying nightmare?Jacob Black loved Emmett Cullen but will Emmett's brother Edward be able to show him what real love is and save him from this nightmare?

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