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This is achieved by using "context diffs" and "unified diffs" (also known as "unidiffs"), which surround each change with context, which is the text immediately before and after the changed part.

The patch file (also called a patch for short) is a text file that consists of a list of differences and is produced by running the related diff program with the original and updated file as arguments.

Patches have been the crucial component of many source control systems, including CVS.

When more advanced diffs are used, patches can be applied even to files that have been modified in the meantime, as long as those modifications do not interfere with the patch.

You may need to run the command as if you don't have full write permissions to the wiki install directories under your current user.

When untarring a tarball package normally a new directory for the new wiki version will be created and you will have to copy the old configuration files and images directory from your old installation directory: , export the files into a clean location, and then copy the old customized files into the new location as described in the previous section.

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To create a patch, one could run the following command in a shell: In some cases when the file is not identical to the version the diff was generated against, the patch will not be able to be applied cleanly.

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