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Updating nautical charts canada

This deviation can cause a position error if it remain uncorrected.For the real GPS position errors refer to the L1 map below.If you’re carrying nautical charts onboard they must be updated with information from Notices to Mariners available from CHS, to be sure they contain the latest changes to routes, buoys and water depth.Marine charts depict: Topographic maps can be useful to boat operators.A scintillation index below 0.3 is unlikely to have any affect on GPS.Most of the paper charts from the Canadian Hydrographic Service are available as both Raster Navigational Charts (RNC) in the BSBv4 format or as an Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC) in the S-57 vector format.GPS is more accurate than nautical charts / Un GPS est plus précis qu'un carte marine.Web Servers / Serveurs Web You can use the nearest or faster server / Vous pouvez utiliser le serveur le plus proche ou le plus rapide : TEC Disturbance Index This index is defined as the mean deviation of the current conditions for the Total Electron Count (TEC) in the ionosphere from a 15-day running median reference data.

This is a rapid fluctuation of radio-frequency signal amplitude.Safe boating is more than just a matter of operating your boat in a responsible way.Before heading out on the water, you should familiarize yourself with local water hazards or dangerous conditions that may effect the safe operation of your boat.This document provides a list of free nautical charts and online publications / Ce document fournit une liste de cartes marines gratuites et d'ouvrages nautiques en ligne.For navigation use only updated regulatory documents / Pour la navigation n'utiliser que des documents réglementaires à jour.

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The S4 Index quantified this amplitude scintillation with a measure of the short timescale fluctuation in the signal to noise of a transmission.