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Anthony Sutton who was writing at my present location in Santa Cruz, California and he exposed Skull & Bones with a series of four booklets. Your children are being made into World citizens and Global Servants One Third of a Century Ago I, Gary Richard Arnold, was renting to Dr.Hegelian Dialectic Explains NWO Agenda‏ ‏ NWO Artificial Intelligence/Synthetic Reality is Already Upon Us The pathology/material presenting in our lungs is often composed of the following: - A) i) a smelly, viscous pinkish water and - B) clear, sticky and extremely tenacious ii) goo iii) foam which block the minor airway/respiratory system and - C) a very thick, sticky and tenacious grey/yellowish phlegm mass - resembling construction adhesive which blocks the major airway/respiratory system That the US psychocorpagov't has passed laws enabling the incarceration of anyone with a respiratory illness is of the utmost significance here as it fits the NWO Agenda.It is in fact their Modus Operandi to use bogus legislation to enable them to enforce these blatantly tyranical laws as they cause the symptoms and exacerbate them with their technetronic grid...The ad and subsequent apology email drew a withering blast of scorn from the school.'The message specifically insulted members of our Chinese, Asian and Asian American communities who are a vital and valued part of every aspect of both the University of Illinois and our local cities,' read a statement from the school's Office of Student Affairs.You won't feel like you're in China when you're on our buses.'An apology email sent shortly after only dug a deeper hole, as the company slammed U of I for enrolling too many foreign students.'We must conceded that we disagree with the way that the way the University of Illinois is being run.

A bus company serving university students has apologized after an ad promising 'passengers like you' was slammed as 'racist and bigoted'.What I refer to as NWO technetronic tyranny, terrorism, genocide and bio - technetronic enslavement.This is only one component of an extremely and increasingly complex and insidious New World Order (NWO) global social control, population reduction and synergistic warfare system employing state of the art behavioural sciences, technologies and techniques for their diabolical Brave New World: Artificial intelligence (AI), the Quantum super computer, its' system of systems of self regulating software, the "WEB", "NET" and Social "NET" "Working" systems, electronic surveillance, social manipulation and MK/Mind Control systems, the agencies of social and population control (AKA alphabet and 'intelligence' agencies), the technetronic 'smart' grid, its' infrastructure, advanced technologies, techniques and behavioural sciences are currently deployed and employed for geopolitical control.Suburban Express, a private company serving students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, landed in hot water over the wording of an email promotion it sent on Saturday.On a list of 11 selling points of the service for commuter students, which included clean coaches and efficient drivers, the ad touted: 'Passengers like you.

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Sweden bans mandatory vaccines World Health Organization - Setting the Standard for a World of Wireless HARM to ALL Living Creatures and Beings Major Blow to Obamacare Mandate: IRS Won't Reject Tax Returns That Don't Answer Health Insurance Question HOW THE ORDER CONTROLS EDUCATION a free download . Using secret papers from a brave daughter who's father and grandfather who were members ...

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