Radajaxpanel not updating

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It just goes in the opposite direction of the riot's normal "update in the parent triggers update of all children" scheme, so there might be some good reason for that.Well, I understand that if you delete the old element and insert the new one, the old element with its state is gone.

NET is smart enough to do it for me automatically !! Supplement information: Upon clicking Edit Item Template's update link button: Item Command event is triggered, then return and goes no further. This is my foresaid work around solution: programmatically fill in datasource's parameters, when apparently ASP. However, I am still appreciate if anyone can explain this problem.

Such exception is probably aroused when ODS's do not match ODS Update Method's parameter.

When I finally resort to set the Update Method's parameter manually, everything works!

If you use a Button instead of a Link Button it will work as documented. An image button got as far as the item command but never got to the Object Data Source updating event.

However a link button siting right beside the image button with a command of "Update" just like the image button, did infact proceed to the ODS updating. Form view doesn't seem to support image buttons that fire commands, unless there is some magical setting I am missing.

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I would like to have other opinions about this topic This patch could be problematic check this example Vtg99qc Vkka Md?