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Marilyn Quayle, the friend said, 'was at her wits' end' as news accounts continued to portray Quayle as not up to the job. But it is a role she has thrown herself into wholeheartedly.

'Her husband was being pounded into the ground and she knew she had to back away. Political colleagues of her husband's described their surprise, and sometimes pained amusement, at her level of involvement as his more disciplined, professional alter ego.

Those who are in her favour praise her generosity and warmth.

But many who have come into contact with her say they have found it a chilling experience.

'I'm a perfectionist,' she said, 'and I was there to make sure it was done perfectly.' Her concern about his image was more dramatically displayed in 1991, when she visited an office of her husband's at the Senate.

'When you walk into the house and on the grounds, you’re immediately struck by its serenity and warmth,' the listing agent, Lisa Optican, said in a statement.'It’s an absolute oasis in the heart of one of the best neighborhoods in Los Angeles.'Monroe purchased the property, partially furnished, several months before her death for ,000.Nestled in the upscale Brentwood neighborhood, the four-bedroom three-bathroom villa covers 2,624 sq ft and comes with swimming pool, citrus grove and guest house.It features terra cotta tile floors throughout, beamed ceilings and casement windows.He doesn't have a mean bone in his body.' But by his side he always had Marilyn, and, according to a former member of Quayle's Senate staff: 'You do something that looks like it's going to hurt the Vice- President and you're going to get in trouble with Mrs Quayle.' In no role is Marilyn Quayle more dedicated than as the keeper of her husband's image.Former staff members tell of trying to get a formal photograph of him in 1977, when he first got into Congress; they kept sending her proofs and she kept on rejecting them; she saw well over a dozen before she was satisfied.

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'We took it pretty much as a joke,' said one of the staff present, 'but it flashed through my mind, she's taking a lot out on that picture.' Once she had scribbled, Marilyn realised that she had left a hostage to fortune (someone could say the Vice-President's wife did that). Dan and I were used to operating in a certain way.' Her exile from his offices lasted only until attention shifted away.

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