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Demographic and clinical information is collected on all people living and diagnosed with HIV in California.HIV Surveillance Reports HIV Case Reporting Resources The California Department of Public Health (CDPH), Office of AIDS (OA) conducts the U. Department of Health and Human Services' Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Medical Monitoring Project (MMP), a surveillance project designed to produce nationally representative data about the health-related experiences and needs of persons living with HIV (PLWH) in the United States and California.Every since I was a teenager I always wanted to be with a MUCH older POZ experienced gay bottom man to be my "girlfriend" and I met someone EXACTLY like that on this site.

The show's already been taped, but no word on whether the HIV positive guy was chosen after opening up about his diagnosis. They didn't know what he had, and they never suspected he was HIV positive. "My mother was in one hospital while I was being born, and my father was in another hospital. They found out when I was born that I was HIV positive, but they weren't sure at first if it would go away. That was my biggest complaint until I reached middle school. And when [I entered middle school], my teacher couldn't handle it and said she didn't want to teach me. I thought, 'I can't tell anyone, no one wants to be my friend.' And it still is like that sometimes. But I say, 'No, don't wish for that, it isn't something I would ever want.' It is something you can take and make it a great thing to live your life to the fullest, or you can just be depressed about it. "I never really got sick enough to go to the hospital. I thank God because I look at others and see how much worse my situation could be. I wouldn't be this way without the medicines and theoretical advances and technology. It is a bad situation, and I am making the best of it. But just because there are medicines out there, and things like MTV spots and speakers who come to schools and speak to the students - even so, young people still don't think it will happen to them. "I think, especially for younger generations, they couldn't even imagine knowing someone with the disease. They protect themselves, but that doesn't always help. But, living though my experience, I know it is livable. From what I have seen, everyone has been understanding, even though I thought they wouldn't be. Like my middle-school teacher, they just don't know. The worst part was taking the medications and not being able to eat after it. "My mom always told my teachers [that I had HIV] because if I got a cut on the playground they would have to take care of it. I still think people are going to hate me or not want to be my friend when they learn I have HIV. My brother, he has told me he wishes he had it instead of me. That was the only time I got sick, [which] was in reaction to the change in medicines. I know it has gone this far and it is only going to get better. But I am not one to say, 'Look at me, this is what I have.' "I feel like people are more aware now than they ever have been. "My message to other people with HIV is that I know it is hard for people to cope with. If you care about them enough, they will be understanding. There are people out there like that, but I have not met them. We are directly linked with more than 120 community-based organizations, across 62 countries.The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Office of AIDS (OA) works with local health jurisdictions to collect, analyze, and disseminate surveillance data on people living and diagnosed with HIV in California.

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In California, Los Angeles and San Francisco counties also conduct NHBS through the local health departments.

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