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Datingcircle org

This attraction, which is a powerful element, can make it easy to overlook many things surrounding that attraction.

Riding high on a physical connection, you can become attracted to someone who has little or nothing in common with you.

Those feelings can range from making us feel safe and secure, sexy and desirable, or empowered in some way.

Both partners stay in love because each knows the other partner is honoring his or her feelings.

We’ve all heard divorcing couples say, “We just grew apart over the years.” When we hear this, it’s natural to think: Couldn’t someone have done something before this love story came to an end?

” The fact is that someone could -- if he or she knew what to do.

Or, your words can validate how much the other person is loved.

Let’s make a pact to talk more respectfully to each other.

Will you forgive me for the awful things I’ve already said?

While there’s no guarantee that your words can reverse major relationship damage, it’s worth it to try.

For example, you might tell your partner, “Honey, I feel terrible about our arguments. I’m trying to get my point across, and I’m having a tough time doing it.” Or, you might say, “We’re using words to slam each other.

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This language must be supported by positive actions as well.

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