Dating girl lot guy friends leeds black white dating

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Dating girl lot guy friends

In less accepting times, straight women who enjoyed the company of gay men were called “fag hags.” These days, being a “fruit fly” is like wearing a badge of honor.

Now, research reveals why the bond between them is so special.

It's no secret that ladies can be pretty catty, especially when it comes to competing for male attention.

Though women mutually provide companionship and emotional support, they can also play dirty. One study, for example, found that women will make derogatory comments about their rivals in mating, and will resort to manipulation to gain an advantage.

There's just something unique about the friendship between straight gals and gay guys.

Admittedly, by comparison to friendships between straight people, this relationship has received less attention from researchers.

Your guy friends are just going to say, "Chicks, man." But kindred ladyfolk will tell you what she needs to hear.4. It's not like guys are secretly hoping you'll invite us to a sleepover and paint our toenails. Sometimes it's nice not to have to worry about the guy code or posting up or acting macho. We get to experience foods we would never eat with other men.

You can advise us when we're in a jam with our lady love.

Admittedly, by comparison to straight friendships, the research on gay male friendships is sorely lacking.

What little there is shows that gay men's friendships with each other can also be competitive in the sexual arena.

For instance, straight women feel that gay men accept and admire them for their inner beauty, not their outer appearance.

Subsequently, women with more gay friends feel sexier and more self-confident about their bodies by comparison to women who don't have gay friends.

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