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It is more work up front, but it means that all ports are installed from packages and therefore all packages must work.This is quite innovative compared to the Free BSD maybe it works as a package approach, but other projects like Open BSD have been doing something similar for quite some time.Once you have the mport, you can type make install clean to install it and clean up the compiling mess.

A port is built in the working directory work/ inside the ports directory.

Then during the faking stage (before install occurs) it is "installed" into the fake dir which is a combination of the word fake the target arch and a few other nits.

It is the job of the mports maintainer to fix any bugs with this faking procedure.

You can use cd /usr svn co mports Updating mports periodically is recommended.

New versions of software and additional software are added all the time.

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mports maintainership was transfered to wintellect after some initial work by laffer1.