Babalwa mneno dating

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Babalwa mneno dating

Oh no, couldn't they have had Babalwa Mneno on the RGB tonight. e.g she could have discussed the claims made by an ex Sundown Chikita that she was pimping them(chikitas) to foreign dudes. Brown suga put me out of my misery and tell I'm right. Wena no Sizwe ninendaba tell us, oh sorry gal i take it back you are not WHITE .She could have talked about the comments she made at strictly come dancing and the Khanyi Mbau/ Mandla Mthembu saga (her apparent trying to kapa Khanyi with istina . Sponilyza thanx for having my back, front and my sides. BS I'm still waiting for you to tell everyone that I'm right. I know I speak on behalf of a lot of peeps when I say "we miss your wit."Hey!!!!!!!! Slik n Bonang have the same smile, but still im very jealous yho u Slik, yammy joe. I definately agree Psyfo's just got the perfect smile. Lolla get some advice from Michael Jackson and pass it on to Andile fosho you'll be white and have Sizwe and Psyfo only white allowed. Miss Brown you best NOT answer Babiniz question .some of us dont want to expose our ageing..hi (not that you are ageing girl...u rock )phela I personaly can relate to a lots of stuff that Mis Brown remembers but lets leave it at that..of us have seen lottsa moons..hi Hey Shugs happy belated anniversary gal and thanx for the pics.Babalwa Mneno was there in all fabness and I hope they show her clip on the show coz she is just hilarious.... I had never met her before and the verdict is that she is a beautiful woman and sometimes pictures don't do justice to people. Gotta love Sam...oh, he loves hugs sure to give him a big one when you see him. Okay, you know Sizwe and I rock this thing called "pictures"!! Sorry Lolla but gal I think you expect a lot from our "friendship"..

My First Ever TVSA Article was written on 09 June 2007 and it was about PRISON BREAK. I don't even remember why I called myself Brown Shuga..was the first name that came to my head...Khanye and his mother - Asseblief SHUGA i like it here MARA kanye and his mom are inviting them selves in my dreams PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ can they please go a picture of me there will be appropriate hey even for the whole year hey**wink wink**nam i think ive had enough of abo kanye thank god that sorry case yomfazi ka usher yaphuma kudala now babe gal yu can remove that woman thank yu so much would app if yu can do that 4 me namanye ama bloggers Sia... The sketched eyebrows, and she just generally looks like she's had cosmetic surgery done and hasnt completely healed yet Toxy I've just checked the synopsis for that dram Khabonina is doing, it sounds so irrelevant and she obviously doesnt have a major role (theres no summery of her charecter), hence there hasnt been much said about this drama and the title..."For Sale"...eew, I actually thought its a sign selling sungthin..knock her hustle though she's tryin..she obviously still misses Mnyangoyes it's called FOR SALE!!!! I read somewhere that there were other interesting characters on the show ...abena ayivor or the face of soft and free who used to be on generations?Maxhoba is the same Max-hoba (pronounced Max -ho-bar) the HHP calls out in his songs.. He's the guy that sings "Hlalisanani, bambisanani, Hlalisanani, bambisanani" - Yes HHP back up artist/ listen to HHP's album Like Shugs said, he's finally releasing his own album!! ungawari, u're not alone in that - I guess if ukhuluma isizulu,its only natural to see her name like that.!! Can't recall mara I know there are other familiar faces there....Thanx Shugs for the juicy info - I knw we can rely on u on the happenings around Mzantsi. Did u get to see Psyfo's girlie (Oops, is he still dating a white girl? Awu Sis Babalwa Mneno is still keeping it cool.....hihihi. u Psyfo just looks like a feil-pop to me and I don't like him. Khabonina is such a hot cheek with good attitude however i am so damn hoping that she is not going to go the same route as the scandolous Khanyi . she looks cute me there....yesses I just didnt get the Zizo Beda connection..mean like Zama Jobe typa thing....ohhhhh kay didnt mean to do a sponification on you amazing LOL I'm sponified myself that i didnt get it..hi I think the new girl in Andile's life is you!Please tell and explain wonderful people - Is Khabonina leaving because they have terminated her contract / less pay or they are ending the character in honour of the late Lindiwe Chibi ? why do you keep taking nice pics le yena if its not you????

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The sound was a bit of a let down and Psyfo got so frustrated with it and while he and MXO was on stage, something happened but I missed it. So yeah, you've heard Maxhoba (we call him Max) from HHP's tracks but he's about to drop his album soon and yes, I'm gonna make a lotta noise about it when it comes out coz I believe in his talent...he's worked really hard to get where he is..