Aunties sex room

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Her hair was flying, causing her beautiful face to play hide-and-seek through the sexy, red waves. The defining attribute of all our family's women, her big boobs were doing the dance that I had fallen under the spell of, bouncing and jiggling before my appreciative eyes. Picture the series '24', and the sound of that clock clunking mechanically, and you get the idea. I knew from experience that getting myself off after that prolonged excitement was pretty quick, yet today Shelagh was getting a long, deep ride, and I wasn't even close to cumming. " I felt her nails on my back, clawing in desperation as she went off under me with a deep moan of enjoyment. The house was very still, and quiet, almost as though no one was home. I suppose I figured we would do a few jobs first, as we had every other day of my training.

When visible, her eyes burned with desire, escalating my own. She read my gaze, and leaned closer, giving me oral access to those lovely orbs. She was, but my cock stood resolute, buried up her dripping cunt. " Shelly had always been such a good girl, so prim, proper, and stylish. I didn't even slow down, pounding her with desperation of my own. Her talons now scraped my ass, urging me to do her with even more ferocity. Wandering around the first floor turned up nothing, so I crept stealthily up the stairs. Instead, Vonnie was laying in bed, tucked under the covers, looking a little bit...

My lips went to work, kissing whatever I made contact with, while searching for a nipple to latch onto. This should in no way be construed as a critical comment about my sister. Shelagh was a very beautiful woman, a fabulous fuck, and the world's best cocksucker. Who knew she had a vocabulary that included such directives? Desperation to get myself off, and shoot my load all over her tits... "Nice try, honey, but you do realize I was expecting you, don't you?

Her pussy was warm, wet and welcoming, not to mention tight, and her big tits were right in my face for my viewing and sucking pleasure. Who knew she was so willing to put aside the taboos, and fuck her brother? As her orgasm waned, Shelly dropped her substantial chest to rest on mine, panting heavily. " I had adjusted my position, and was ready to fuck her senseless, despite the looming countdown. "I'd really like to see your cum splattered all over my boobs," she added.

We repeated our downstairs powder room session a few times, and she was constantly teasing me, trying to induce an erection. My sister was a dynamite partner, and her ability to deep-throat my cock was beyond heavenly. We gave her nothing to be suspicious about, just two siblings eating breakfast together. With the meal complete, I loaded the dishwasher with the dirty dishes, gave Mom a kiss, and headed out the door towards my grand-parents' house. " I wondered aloud, trying unsuccessfully to crane my neck around. Just eight distinct fingernail scrapes," she giggled. She jumped me in my room, while Mom was out at the dentist. "You already knew Shelagh and I had sex this morning, didn't you? "Yes," she nodded, reaching back to retrieve her phone. "Danny, you are so much more to me than just a toy," she whispered. I was there when I said it," she snapped, then realized it had come out harshly, and softened her tone. Now, we've added sex to that, and even though I didn't want it to, it's become a complication. That's the problem." "I don't think it's a problem," I smiled.

I walked to her dresser and tried the top right drawer. Bras, slips and panties of every style and color were neatly folded in small piles with several pairs of pantyhose rolled up and placed to one side.

I thumbed through the piles of panties, recognizing many pairs I had encountered in the hamper at one time or another.

” said Aunt Rachel sternly as she stood with her arms folded across her chest.

I knew she meant business and that I had no choice but to show her what I had taken. I just stood silently in shame and fear of what she was going to do. But she cut me off and with a cold stare stated “You will try these panties on right now in front of me or I will be on the phone telling your parents all about this, your choice!

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Doing it with Mom nearby seemed to turn her crank to even higher levels, and I didn't find it as much fun as she did. Nothing terribly unusual about that, as it had happened often enough in the past, but this was the first since I became my sister's favourite plaything. My cock was dripping with her froth, and it only took two strokes with my hand before I exploded, sending thick jets of white semen in arcs through the air. That's what she said she wanted, and that's exactly what she got, as cum rained down on her from above. That's plenty," she smiled, cupping her huge rack and spreading my discharge around with her delicate hands. I'll shower first," she giggled, and leapt off the bed. "Be my guest." She turned to face me, giving me full access to her chest, and I lathered those beautiful breasts thoroughly. "Have fun." I gave her a silent nod, and pulled the door shut behind me. I'm not really complaining, just saying that, if I'd been awake, I probably wouldn't have gone into my sister's bedroom and fucked her, the way she did to me.

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