Aryan gay dating

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Aryan gay dating

Sivagnana Yogi also mentions that Sanskrit scholars used the word “Dravidam” symbolically to denote “Ten mozhi” (the language of south), that is Tamil. In Tolkappiyam, it appears five times and in ‘Sangam’ literature 21 times.

Therefore, it is very clear that Tamils were not only unfamiliar with the usage of the word ‘Dravida’, but also started to denote it for their language only in the modern period, particularly about the advent of the European scholars in south India. : There is a well known interpretation that ‘Dravida’ is derived from ‘Tamil’. In the literature of the period 200-500 CE, it is used 45 times, 500-900 CE – 475 times, 900-1200 CE – 381 times and 1200-1900 CE – 341 times.

A later work “Kanthanthu Upadesa Kandam” mentions that Lord Shiva revealed to Agastya the grammar of proud language ‘Dravidam’.

Their stature / height varies from short to medium, skin / complexion from yellow brown / brown to black; head from mesocephalic to dolicocephalic; nose from broad to narrow and flat to narrow; eye colour from brown to black; hair from straight or wavy to curly but not woolly or frizzy; lips from thick to protruding and so on.Originally, ‘Ariyar’ or ‘Aryans’ were created by Maxmueller from the Vedic literature, but ‘Dravidians’ from the comparative grammar of the “Dravidian languages”.The anthropologists succeeded in comparing the descriptive physical features of Dasas, Dasyus and Panis, like Varna, Anas, Mridhavachah etc., with their anthropometry. Thruston (1909), Seligman, Sclater and others have given different and varying anthropometric data and descriptions about ‘Dravidian race’ (Table-B).Archaeologists in Germany have discovered a 9.7 million-year-old set of fossilised teeth they say could trigger the “rewriting” of human history.The dental remains were found by scientists sifting through gravel and sand in a former bed of the Rhine river near the town of Eppelsheim.

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They can be broadly grouped and explained as follows: Central Asian Origins: From the comparisons of morphological and some linguistic similarities, some scholars considered that Dravidians cam from Central Asia. Here, they coolly forgot the other famous hypotheses / theories that ‘Aryans’ also came from Central Asia.

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